A refreshing approach to water treatment services

Established in 2006, Primary Water Group operates nationally from offices based in Manchester. The company has grown and developed providing clients with a portfolio of water treatment services that satisfy the demands of individual projects and respond to the changing technical environment.

Project Delivery

Primary Water Group is an industry leader, dedicated to providing a professional, flexible and reliable approach to water treatment, adopting the most practical and cost effective solutions available to clients in mechanical & electrical service sector, water treatment consultants, maintenance and end users.

As an independent company, without the constraint of a manufacturing base, every project is viewed afresh and we deliver a standard of service and expertise that ensures clean, safe and functional water systems every time from a highly professional team.

Primary Water Group is pro-active from the design stage through to construction, commissioning and maintenance of installations, working with client design and engineering teams and forming partnerships with project management.

Quality and professional assurance

Primary Water Group is developing a comprehensive quality system that will embrace all our activities and integrated into our IT systems. Our ISO 9001 quality assurance is audited independently to ensure consistency and adherence to the standard. Primary Water Group conducts regular training programmes, organised in-house and externally, on approved industry courses.

By employing and training professional personnel and following the “teamwork” approach, Primary Water Group strives to generate client confidence to ensure that all objectives can be met. Testaments to this are those clients who have retained Primary Water Treatments services for many years.

The Multimaster plant and processes has been designed in order that certain processes are able to be undertaken in an efficient and cost effective manner whilst reducing the environmental impact of the works.

Utilising the Multimaster plant and processes to optimum effect is best achieved by installing the plant at the earliest possible time in the installation process. The plant and associated processes are then available throughout the install period, through critical activities at pre/final/ post commissioning of the system including expansion/contraction and finally leading into long term maintenance.

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 Recruiting Now! JOB VACANCIES

Due to exciting expansion plans, we are currently looking to recruit engineers and assistant engineers. This is an opportune time to become part of Primary Water Group. For more information please click here