Confidence in our process

Primary Water Group offers a total commissioning package, including air and water systems. We employ experienced commissioning engineers and managers working to our quality assurance policy.

Each project is assigned a lead engineer who manages the quality plan to ensure that the installation runs smoothly and all commissioning documentation is in order. Our work is carried out in accordance with The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) commissioning codes.

We have policies in place to deliver training and up to date commissioning practices, health and safety, technology and company procedures.

Commissioning Management

We can provide experienced commissioning project managers who effectively become part of a client’s own senior team to oversee mechanical pre-commissioning and commissioning activities, attend and chair meetings, and liaise with all other trades. Having a project manager in place ensures that all aspects of design, mechanical installation and commissioning is carried out professionally and smoothly in accordance with the building program.

Environmental Monitoring

Primary Water Group provides a problem-shooting service that helps to identify and solve environmental issues such as hot or cold spots, stuffy office and irritating noises.

Mechanical installations can be surveyed to establish any fault and reports can be issued giving recommendations on how to improve the conditions.

Measurement of temperature, humidity and sound, over a designated period to establish internal environmental conditions can be tested using thermo hydrographs and full octave band frequency analysis sound level meters.


Fully tabulated test results can be supplied including static checks, site reports, performance certification, system schematics, instrument calibration certification, and recommendations to enhance system performance.