External Mains Installations
  • Provision of Gas, Water, Hydrant & Sprinkler mains.
  • Testing and Chlorination of the installed mains in accordance with the relevant WIS and Gas-safe specifications.
  • Jointing of the mains using both Electro and Butt-Fusion welding machinery in accordance with the latest industry specifications.
  • Large diameter Butt-Fusion welding, up to 1000mm.
  • Installation of Pre-Insulated REHAU district heating pipe work with the full technical support of the manufacturer.
  • Repairs and or modifications to existing external mains generally with a quick response to keep down time to a minimum.
  • Gas and Water Utility connections managed, which will allow coordination of the total installation from the network mains to the plant room / boiler house.
Mechanical Building Services Surveys
  • Troubleshooting, energy audits and validation surveys
Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Fire hydrant flow testing provides important field information to water service planners and Fire Brigades so they can accurately estimate the capabilities of water mains.
  • The prime concerns of water companies appears to be the impact of hydrant inspection, testing and flow testing activities by Fire Brigades on the quality of water in their distribution systems. And the prime concern of Fire Brigades appears to be the validity of hydrant testing and inspection and the cost of repairs.
  • Testing also uncovers a number of mechanical problems such as leaks and valves that don’t operate properly as it is important they are discovered and repaired before the hydrant is needed in an emergency.
Benefits of a Fire Hydrant Flow testing service
  • Sub-contract your Fire Hydrant testing to PWI and see a number of benefits:- Significant reduction in hydrant repairs and maintenance budgets
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced risk of causing discolouration to drinking water
  • Resources redirected to more proactive tasks (e.g. community fire safety)
  • Fire Hydrants are monitored and maintained to meet the requirements of Section 57 of the Water Industry Act 1991.