Pre-Commissioning Cleaning

Primary Water Group has developed new cleaning techniques that ensure that your system is thoroughly cleaned and optimised for future efficiency. Trained engineers use specialist equipment and the most effective chemicals available, we can even flush individual sections of your system to fit around phased project completion.

Existing System Cleaning

At Primary Water Group we survey and recommend tailored cleaning regimes for existing closed systems that have not been maintained following commissioning, taking into account specific issues and historical data available.

Starting with a complete survey, we design on-line programmes that have minimal impact on the operation of the system or disruption to the building’s occupants. Working around the clock, we have successfully completed major projects of this nature using the most effective chemical solutions for the job.

Process Cleaning

Primary Water Group deliver specialist cleaning services for chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation and petrochemical industries, including:

  • Site surveys and laboratory assessment of site conditions
  • Pressure jetting and chemical cleaning of such surfaces in boilers, calorifiers and cooling towers
  • Stainless steel passivation to remove surface contaminants and re-create a stable oxide layer on internal metal surfaces
Chlorination & Sanitation

Primary Water Treatments provide fully trained and equipped personnel to carry out sanitations across new and existing systems to BS8558 standards; whether they for major installations with numerous outlets and extensive external mains, or injections to single outlets.

Although we can supply cooling tower equipment, we do not offer maintenance; this means we can independently assess for compliance and also deliver specialist cleaning and disinfection services including high pressure water jetting and acid de-scaling.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Primary Water Group offer Legionella Risk Assessments based on The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes (L8) to assist engineers and facility managers in reducing conditions that may cause legionnaires disease, including:

  • Site survey followed up with a comprehensive, concise and easy reference report highlighting risk areas and remedial actions required
  • Recording of site management structures to ensure correct maintenance hygiene programmes and record keeping can be implemented
  • A schematic representation of systems
  • Ongoing water hygiene monitoring service to assess changing water conditions

We are able to provide analysis of domestic and drinking water supplies to assess the bacteriological wholesomeness this can include tests for Legionella.

Over recent years closed systems have been included in routine microbiological testing. The analysis provided can identify micro-organisms that are corrosive to some systems e.g. Sulphate Reducing Bacteria and organisms that have also been associated with operational issues e.g. Psuedomonas. This type of monitoring is useful as an early warning system for the potential of premature system failure.

Other Testing Services
  • Destructive and non-destructive Testing: Test on metals etc to identify general condition or to assess possible reasons for failure e.g. microbiological corrosion, imperfections from manufacture attack from external elements.
  • Organic Pollutants: Analysis of water to identify the presence of Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Styrene etc. which may give rise to health considerations and unpleasant and objectionable tastes. This type of analysis is usually carried when it is suspected that leaching has occurred from improper application of paint, resins etc. during water storage tank refurbishment.
  • Ingress Water: Analysis of water that has or, continues to enter an area to identify the sources e.g. rain water, high water table or sewer.